About Our Show

Our country and our building industry have been facing many difficult challenges caused by extreme weather and extreme people (i.e. arson attacks). M Fire is committed to finding more cost-effective ways of addressing these challenges for our builders.

Our radio show is going to highlight and address the long overdue need for change when it comes to defending wood framed buildings from over wetting and fires during construction. Some of the topics will address the over wetting of OSB which is attacking the engineering values that support seismic strength, as well as the mold issues that are created after buildings are occupied.

Another hot topic in the building industry is the fire risk with many of the products builders are forced to use. Without fire protection, they can cause firefighters early collapse and rising risk insurance premiums.

“By helping our builders become more resilient against those things that attack sustainability, we are supporting an even bigger cause, and that is our economy”
Steve Conboy

As our radio show, hosted by a 45 year veteran in wood framing, brings the issues up into the light, we will be discussing the newest most cost effective solutions to defend our builders from loss setbacks and litigation. The show will teach the GC’s and Framers how to push the defensive solutions uphill to make projects safer for workers, leaving the vale add decision where it belongs, with the owners. By doing this GC’s and Framers defend themselves from future litigations and bad PR. Our MFI Red Zone Tour with BisNow will bring the problems and solutions right to the feet of the investors.

“Our message stays consistent “If You Wait, It’s Too Late”
Steve Conboy, Founder and GM